Having a dream of disruption or accelerating success?

For making dreams come true, you need to work, and for work you need some tools. (And perhaps a manual or two, but, then again, who reads the manual….)  As there will be loads of cool things to see, hear and experience, here is an ”IBMatSlush in a nutshell” –package to keep it simple, should you wonder what’s up. Let’s do this in English to make it easier for our non-Finnish friends J

IBMers taking the stage:

Tuesday 18.11. at 11.05 on Green Stage / Enterprise Software Track
– The API Economy –
By Tim Vanderham, VP, IBM Cloud Platform Services Development

Open API is the key in building ecosystems whether in cloud or for cognitive computing. IBM Bluemix is IBM’s PaaS Platform based on open source technology and focused on delivery speed and agility to developers and a lower operational cost model to clients. In his current role, Tim is also responsible for the development and integration of the IBM Cloud Marketplace. The latest launch is the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups. For more information and to apply, please visit: http://ibm.biz/CloudStartup

Wednesday 19.11. at 17.05 on Black Stage / Health Track
– Transforming Healthcare with IBM Watson –
By Haig A. Peter, Executive Briefing consultant, Industry Solution Lab, IBM

IBM Watson represents a first step into cognitive systems by using programmatic computing combined with natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dynamic learning to aid anyone from doctors in diagnosing cancer or travelers as they prepare an itinerary for vacation. Watson services and APIs are now accessible in the Watson Developer Cloud, so anyone can start building their own Watson-powered apps today. More about Watson at Healthcare: http://ibm.co/1q8Xani and  Watson Developer Community: https://developer.ibm.com/watson/

Growth Clinics with IBM

As the leader of a startup company, you do dream of disruption? IBM’s Cloud services have accelerated the success of startups in the gaming, mobile and ICT industries, and helped the startups to connect new products and services fast into the new markets. IBM is committing to providing startups with the tools they need to build and capitalize on the next generation of apps for the cloud. With cloud services built around open APIs, startups can now more easily build and monetize their solutions. This offers unique possibilities to develop one’s business.

At Slush you hear about our Global Entrepreneur programs that allow startups to use our technology. With us you can build a lean startup on leading cloud based solutions can help your business to compete and thrive in the international markets.

As there is life also after Slush… Had you missed out from the registrations to clinics during event, please contact Jukka Penttinen (jukka-pekka.penttinen (at) fi.ibm.com) or come and meet us at Slush and set up a date for a meeting for the following topics:

Clinic 1 – building your business on the Cloud
How can cloud help you to beat your competition? Some of the most inspiring Cloud experts bring the full advantage of Cloud for your company’s expansion. Take the full benefit from this with experts like Mike Miller, Co-founder of Cloudant, Kevin Farrar, the Global Entrepreneur Program Leader or Antti Partanen, the Cloud Services Leader and SoftLayer guru. See how Softlayer, one very powerful cloud, is expanding and how it can boost your growth. And don’t miss the key information about the programs for startups.

Clinic 2 – building your company via next generation platforms
IBM Bluemix is a very thorough and diverse DevOps platforms at the market, and at Slush we will have one of the very best DevOps experts present. Meet Tim Vanderham, Bluemix Ecosystem Leader, and the team will Olli Nuoranto from IBM Finland for some serious ideas about how to build your digital future to match the standards required for rapid internationalization.

Clinic 3 – building your future on cognitive computing
IBM Watson is the most advanced cognitive computing platform, which is now within the reach of every startup in the world. In Slush, there are the evangelists on the subject, Phil Westcott, Ecosystem Leader of Watson Group Europe, and Haig A. Peter from IBM’s Research Lab. Also you can get insight to IBM’s Programme for Startups as well.

After the Growth Clinics you can enjoy street food alá Chef Watson, the cognitive computing chef, with two live chefs bringing the magic to life: Risto Mikkola & Mika Tuomonen. We still have some vouchers to share if you’re eager and hungry to expand your culinary horizon. Check our vouchers’ status at the IBM booth. Here’s more about cognitive cooking: http://ibm.co/VzQ82k & http://ibm.co/1jVFah6

If you’re a journalist and keen on having a talk with some of our people at Slush or want to have a taste of street food of the future designed by Chef Watson, please contact  and we’ll fix it: Pia Posio, tel. +358 400 221 403, email. pia.posio (at) fi.ibm.com

The guys here in this picture are our team onsite. They are really something else. Let’s meet at SLUSH!collagefinal


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